“The British English International Section” offers bilingual and bicultural learning from the first (seconde) to the final (terminale) year in upper secondary school (lycée) based on language, culture and teaching methods used in Great Britain.

The British section opened in lycée Lucie Aubrac in 2018. The first cohort is currently in première and will sit the new baccalauréat in 2021.

Teaching in the British English section:

The pupils enrolled in this section benefit from hours of teaching in English Literature and History-Geography in addition to the hours of English language classes:
• 4 hours of English language and literature
• 3 hours of English language
• 2 hours of History-Geography delivered in English

Joining the section:
Pupils from English-speaking countries, or who have spent time in an English-speaking country, as well as French pupils who are bi-national or bilingual are welcome to apply.

Pupils are recruited by completing an application pack followed by written and oral evaluations.

Being part of an international section means following a rigorous course of study which prepares the OIB (Option Internationale du Baccaluréat) over the course of three years. This programme will enable an easier access to British, or English-speaking, universities and provide an advantage when applying to prestigious international universities and certain French higher education courses.

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