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Printemps des Poètes en version anglaise

This is the photo-poem created by students in the British English International Section on the theme of Borders as their contribution to the Printemps des Poètes. The International Section also participated this spring in the ASIBA poetry competion on the theme of Home. The overlapping themes generated some interesting ideas that appear in the collage and some beautiful imagery in the poems.


Clydeview Academy Meets Lycée Lucie Aubrac

A group of students from Première and Terminale in the British International Section were delighted to spend time with pupils from Clydeview Academy, Greenock (Scotland) during the February holidays. The Clydeview pupils visited Paris in preparation for their French oral exams this Spring.

After a morning spent getting to know one another, playing games and discussing research topics chosen by the S6 pupils preparing the Scottish Baccalaureat, the students enjoyed a meal together in the centre of Paris.

All the best of luck to the Scottish students for their up-coming exams!



Visiting the Houses of Parliament

The students in the British Internationale Section (1e) took the opportunity to follow a virtual visit of the Houses of Parliament in London. Our guide helped us to explore the building: we went into the Robing Room, the Lords Chamber, the Commons Chamber and through the Central Lobby. She explained the colour symbolism used, the history of the building and how the decor reflects the different monarchs, heads of government and political movements. She also explained the different rituals and the roles of each part of the Parliament.

National Poetry Day 2022

The theme of this year’s National Poetry Day is the environment. The class of 2e in the International British Section enjoyed creating kennings to describe natural features like rain, trees, birds, soil and rivers.

We enjoyed listening to the opening lines of Beowulf read in Old English by an expert from the Medieval Manuscripts team in the British Library. The extract included the kenning ‘whale road’ used to describe the sea.

We then took inspiration from the poem ‘Sun Kennings’ by James Carter to create the structure of our poems celebrating nature. You can listen to the poets performing their work here:

Thank you for the music!

Our starting point was Robert Johnson and his pact with the devil via the soundtrack of the iconic film ‘The Blues Brothers’. We looked at the connections between the myth, legend and musical traditions in Europe and Africa and how they were transposed and integrated into those of the USA to create the musical family tree celebrated by Jack Black in ‘School of Rock’.

Each group of students chose a musical clan descended from the Blues in the USA and created a set of playing cards. The groups had to collaborate to create cards that were united but also reflected what made each artist chosen unique. Creating the visual identity for the sets of cards encouraged debate and discussion about the layout, colour and symbolism. 

ASIBA poetry competition results 2022


Congratulations to the three finalists from lycée Lucie Aubrac! The theme of this year’s competition was AIR.

There were 88 entries from 22 schools around the world this year, 45 in the 3e/2de category and 43 in the 1e/Tle one. Seven finalists went through to each category.

OIB Cambridge Inspector, Dr Celia O’Donovan, chose the winning poems: ‘It has been an enjoyable experience reading the poems that made it to the final and, as always, it has been difficult to decide on the winners… The young poets… wrote with maturity and flair. To have made it to the final shortlist
is a great honour and all the finalists should be proud of their achievement,’.

Mahé was selected as a finalist in the Junior category with her poem ‘Heaven Life’. The poem ‘Angel’, co-authored by Ajar and Océanne, went through to the final of the Senior category.

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